Warwick... Day 4

This morning I woke up and showered, then went downstairs for a pretty disgusting breakfast. When we boarded the motor coach, we found out whether we would be having our homestays in Nottingham or Warwickshire. I wound up in Warwickshire, with only 11 other people from our group. We drove 2 or so hours to Warwick and I wound up with a family called the Critten’s. Tony, the dad, picked up Jenny and I and brought us back to his house. A little bit later, his eleven-year-old daughter, Lauren, and his fifteen-year-old son, Simon, came home from school. After the mom, Sara, got home from work, Lauren, Jenny and I went shopping downtown. I ended up buying a bag from Miss Selfridge, a disposable camera and a pink Buddha bracelet. We met up with Sara and Tony to go see the movie “Chicken Run”. That’s when my jet lag kicked in. I slept through most of the movie. When we got home, we had dinner, then went to bed.

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