I Will Never Go To The Sears Tower Again... Day 4

The Sears Tower has to be the most boring place on the planet. I hate it. A lot. The Hancock Observatory, on the other hand, is pretty interesting. And the views are spectacular. We could see the shadows cast by the clouds on the city and it look like Earth was gonna be invaded, ie Independence Day. It was freaky. We also went down Michigan Avenue...The Mag Mile for short and we found a 4 story Borders! And we thought 3 stories was huge. I bought a single book, but its an awesome one If I Should Die Before I Wake. We took a gander at Shedd's Aquarium today as well. I'm in love with that place, if for no other reason than the dolphin show. I love dolphin shows. The aquarium itself is pretty good, saw some weird little sea animals and they had this gigantic tank, called the Wild Reef, that had some awesome animals in it, it was like a mini ocean. Then, on the way home, we got off the L at Belmont and went to the Army Navy Surplus store. It's pretty awesome but uber expensive. We both bought British Flag buttons and Cat was adamant about buying one that said "Fuck Off"...but they were all sold out. Darn. I fell asleep on the L today. I hear that I rubber necked the whole way.

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