The Worst Way To Start A Vacation.. Day 1

...Is definitely missing your train. Yep, we missed the train this morning. It felt bad. We were the most pathetic sight ever. But more on that later, first, lemme explain why we missed the train. Well, first off, my dad insisted that we go to Kroger to get us some snacks for the train. Then we missed our exit. Then we ran into about a million detours. Then we got onto the platform. Then, as we made our way to get on, it slowly but surely started moving away. Mind you, my mom was in the station telling them that we needed to get on, but the guy WOULD NOT tell the train to stop. Asshole. We were there at 5:15 am, which is on time.

Anyhoo, we had the most priceless/crushed expressions on our faces. If someone would have been videotaping, it would have won money. But we weren't the only ones to miss the train. We met Yvette and Kenneth. They were nice. So, on to the adventure. First, we're told that we have to go to Flint to catch a bus that will take us to Battle Creek so we can get on a train to Chicago. Ugh. There were easier options, but he failed to inform us of them. So, for the time being, we went home. Cat and I were a gigantic pathetic mess. I know both of us wanted to cry. But we held a stiff upper lip and collapsed onto the futon when we got home, all the while, discussing just how retarded we felt.

We left home around 7:00 am and made our way to Flint. On the way, we stopped at a Big Boy's for brekkie. Funny story. So we're sitting down for breakfast and I make the declaration that I have to pee, which is hardly uncommon, so Cat and I go to the bathroom (I know, we travel in packs, what can I say?) And I go for the handicap stall because theres something yucky in the other toilet. But Cat, being the brave one, goes to flush the toilet and use that one. As soon as I sit down, I hear a deafening sound and I hear Cat's voice calling me...she sounded like she was in pain. So I told her to hang on so that I could finish peeing. So I did. Then I open the door to discover the strangest sight. Cat on the floor with the bathroom door. She completely took out the door. Completely. Apparently the door was somewhat off its hinges and she went to close/open it and it came off and she and it crashed into the wall together. And she really hurt her shoulder...I had to pull on her arm to pop it somewhat back into place. I think that was worth missing the train. Then we had to recount the story to my parents and the waitress. We didn't file an accident report though...wimp.

Now that that exciting portion is over, we fell asleep on the way to Flint and drove around in Flint for a while until we woke up. When we woke up, my dad had pulled into this parking lot full of modular homes because he wanted to put one on the property up north. They're all a hell of a lot bigger and prettier, outside and in ;), than my house. The people there thought we were sisters. Thats probably because Cat has the habit of calling my parents mom and dad. Unusual and yet expected. But holy crap, these houses are HUGE, they have upstairs and everything. We finally got to the station and waited for our bus with our new friends, Yvette and Kenneth. We traveled with them the whole way to Chicago. It was nice. The remainder of our journey wasn't that exciting, it was pretty much: sleep, listen to music, talk, sleep, eat a cracker, listen to music, talk...

Then we got to Chicago. Finally. A few hours late. My uncle picked us up at Union Station and we took Lakeshore Drive, the coolest road in the world, almost all the way to his house. It runs along the coastline of Lake Michigan, which is all part of Chicago. I think Cat was in awe. We got home to his awesome condo, a few blocks from the lake, and oddly enouch, took a walk to the lake, it must be a swimmer thing...must identify water source, MUST IDENTIFY WATER SOURCE!!! Its such a pretty lake. I'm in love with it. Then we came back home and ordered Chicago Style deep dish pizza with yummy stuff in it, I believe it was Barry's Pizza. It was so good, though Cat and I, as mere amateurs, could only eat one piece each, while Uncle Bill could devour 2 or 3. Then we both kind of drifted off while watching What Lies Beneath. Then we went to bed and fell fast asleep.

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