Sometimes You Should Identify Street Names... Day 3

Today we woke up and ambled over to Navy Pier to buy IMAX tickets, we saw some movie about sharks...I fell asleep, not because I was bored, just out of sleep deprivation. Anyhoo, it was in 3D. Anyway, that's not the point, we went to Navy Pier and walked all the way down and it was pretty neat, however, I paid $5 for a lemonade that was mostly ice...it did come with a souvenir cup though. After walking around the pier, we caught a free trolley to State Street, where a Marshall Fields is. Across the street, we found a Borders books that was 3 stories high!! Yay! Whilst shopping and finding 3 awesome guides for Anatomy, Med Terms and Med Abbreviations, my uncle called and asked where we were. I told him at the Borders across from Marshall Fields. To bad theres another Borders in town across from another Marshall Fields. He gave us directions to a place for lunch...but it was quite a catastrophe. We ended up making it to lunch eventually and ran to a bus. By the way, we got pelted with sand while running towards the bus, it was windy. We took the bus to the IMAX. The movie was pretty good and the whole 3D thing made my head spin.

After the IMAX experience, we went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo. I'm absolutely in love with the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It's so pretty. The Zoo was crap, half of the animals were dead, so it wasn't that exciting. We took the bus home and went down to the beach and swam. Whoopie! Anyways, later.

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