Akaroa, like whoa... Day 112

So, today was one of the best days that I've had since coming to this hemisphere. Heather and I got on a shuttle to Akaroa, which is about 90 km away, at about 8:00am. We had a sweet as bus driver named Dallas (a woman, by the way). The ride there was a little ridiculous, since the road to Akaroa is super mountainous... and I'm quite apt to get motion sickness anymore. Yes, I'm an old person now. Either way, we got to Akaroa in one piece. It is an adorable little town on the Banks Peninsula, which was formed by a wicked dodgy volcano millions of years ago. Sweet as. Anyways, this town was originally a French settlement, traces of which you can see everywhere. We walked around the town for quite a while, ended up inside the museum, as well as a few other places, but mainly we just walked around and had a good time. On the way back, we stopped at a cheese factory. On a normal day, this would have been slightly interesting, but the aforementioned motion sickness made my stomach jump when I went inside the building. Apparently the smell of dairy doesn't agree with me, so I waited outside. We had a crazy fun time on the ride home though, we pretty much took a million photos of ourselves, because honestly, what else do you do on a boring bus ride? When we got back to the city, we stopped at a souvenir shop because I wanted to pick up something. Long story short, I didn't get charged full price, so that was exciting. We ended up at Starbucks, since Heather owed me a few dollars, so she bought me some hot cocoa. It was delicious. And can I just say that we are sneaky. There, I said it. Not going to tell the story here, but if anyone wants to know, send me an email and I'll explain. After that, we went to McDonald's, since mom won't rest until I eat a Kiwi Burger. Let me remind you all what is included: a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, tomato sauce (not ketchup), an egg and beats. Not tasty. But I got one. And I ate... some of it. But that's all that really counts, right? My taste buds will never forgive me. I could almost handle the beets, but the egg made it horrible. Oh! I forgot to mention that we had an excellent sunset today. It was before the Kiwi Burger fiasco, when we were still on the shuttle from Akaroa. Anyways, then we finally made it back to the flats and had a proper dinner. One more thing, I'm not going to have access to the internet starting tomorrow night and ending on Sunday (hopefully), since there is some sort of upgrade being done on the internet ports in all of the flats. So don't be shocked if I don't post for a few days, I'll catch up after the weekend is over.


Anonymous said...


You are the BRAVEST! You are a WICKEDLY DODGY young lady. (That's not an insult, is it? Since you've ingested that Kiwi burger, YOU'RE STARTING TO SOUND MORE KIWI.)

I can't freaking wait until you get home. Got it?


Coop said...

soooooo... that really sucks that ur internet isn't going to be working... who upgrades shit in the middle of summer (winter for you)... lame, maybe i'll call you instead tho since its so cheap from our phone :)... i would like to know ur sneaky little story, so i'll ask you about it later... and i DEF can't wait til you get home... summer is boring without you... miss you tons tons tons... hurry home deary |--|/

The First Trip said...

Eww...I can't believe you ate that...gross....
*Shakes head*
But I agree with Coop, hurry home!