...And she flew out of her chair... Day 115 cont'd

Well... today was absolutely insane. I arrived in Detroit around 9:30 and Coop & Cat told me that they would be circling the airport to pick me up. Funny. I'm going down the escalator and all the sudden, I see my two best friends. I was overjoyed, I pretty much bowled them over giving them the biggest hug ever. It felt really good to see them again. Anyways, we attempted to handle my lost luggage fiasco, but it really didn't do any good at the airport, so we left. I called Jill to see what was up, since she was in on the scheme to surprise my parents. My mom was actually at Jill & Jen's house, so we made a beeline for it. Coop & Cat walked up because Coop had to do an interview... which was a lie. But yeah, they went out back to start this interview with my mom and now Jill & Jen. I was hidden in the back seat of Coop's truck. A few minutes into it, Coop texted me that it was time for business, so I scrambled out of her car, setting off the alarm, by the way. I made my way to the back porch and at first my mom didn't even see or realize that it was me. Then she lost it. She jumped up with such force that her chair flew about a yard behind her. It was good. All in all, it was a great day, it turned into a little barbecue, Jason & Becky came over, soon followed by my father, who also didn't know I was flying in today. He was just as shocked as my mom, if not quite as loud about it. But yeah... I'm home!


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome surprise, glad we were a part of it.

Glad you're home,


Coop said...

all i say is tee hee hee... the owner got ownedddddddd

we win


Miss J said...

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