Sumner via Southshore?... Day 108

Well... this morning was going to start a lot differently, but it turns out that no one was playing rugby, so it went a little bit like this. I wake up too early, send an instant message to Heather after I've taken some time to wake up, so now I have to actually get up, since I'm making someone else wait. We walked from here to Riccarton Bush, which is a place that looks quite a bit like Jurassic Park. We walked around there for a while and took silly photos. Then we continued our walk up to Riccarton Road, where we grabbed some Starbuck's for brekkie (read: breakfast) and caught a bus towards Hagley Park to see if anyone was playing rugby that we could watch. Turns out that they weren't, so we continued on the bus that we were on all the way to Southshore, which is a little further south than New Brighton, but we could still see the pier. We walked all the way down the shore until we saw some vaguely familiar markers. First was the headland of Sumner, closely followed by the beach cave and huge rocks. We continued on, realizing first, that we were very near Sumner and second, that we were on the strip of land that only a few days previous, I said that I wanted to find, because it just looked cool. After taking numerous ridiculous photos and all the while, laughing like it was going out of style, we ended up at the point of the strip of land. Sadly, even at low tide, you cannot walk from Southshore to Sumner. We wanted to though. We walked around the point and eventually found our way back to the road that seemed to be nestled nicely inland. After seeing Sumner, we knew what was had to do. Minutes later, we were on a bus, our destination? Red Snapper Fish & Chips in Sumner. They have the best fish and chips, but what really sets them apart is a certain other fried delicacy. Fried pineapple rings. It sounds so simple and yet is so wonderful. We finished up our dinner, then found a bus to bring us back to school. After driving along Ferry Rd. for a bit, we realized that we had to get off the bus, as the sun was setting and it looked amazing. We did end up catching the next bus back to school, but not before getting some wicked good photos. We got back to school and hung out for a while, watching stupid television, then watching slightly better television. It was good times.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICTURE-the one where you're in the tree. And the pic of you doing the break-dancing on the beach. It's a good thing that your mamma is such a good dancer and taught you all those Smashing moves. Your friend Heather is taking some good pictures. (Not as good as you...so don't tell her)

Coop said...

why don't you just dance your way back to MI b/c either a) i miss you b) i'm bored without you c) i want to go on our road trip d) EVERYONE wants you to come back or e) all of the above... i'm gonna go w/ all of the above so get ur ass home STAT!!! miss you love |--|/