The Last Hurrah... Day 113

So this is kind of out of nowhere to about half of the people reading this blog, but today was my last full day in New Zealand. I really had a great one though. I had my last two classes, which were alright, then at 2pm, Margaret (one of my CDO professors) had me come in to class so that they could officially say goodbye to myself and Heather, since we were the only exchanged students and, because I won't be at the final exam (I'm taking it here at home). It was really nice, but I was sad at the same time, especially saying goodbye to Gia & Margaret. After class, Heather and I got some Dim Sum, then I did some more packing. Later that day, around 4pm, she came over and we ordered pizza and watched movies while I packed up the rest of my stuff. It was a really great last day though, especially adding the Hell Pizza. Around 11pm I was finished and we were both ridiculously tired, so we said goodbye. It was sad, but at the same time, we clicked enough that I'm sure we'll be friends for a long time. And now I have a reason to go to Massachusetts. Sweet as.

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