B-E-X-L-E-Y... Days 110-111

These last two days have been pretty lazy, if I do say so myself. Yesterday I did a lot of sitting around, but I did get an essay written, so there's some productivity. Today, I finally had class after four glorious days of nothing. I had an exam at 9:00am, which wasn't too bad, then at 2:00pm I started my last Anatomy & Physiology class ever. It was as boring as always, but there was a little glimmer of hope at the end, knowing I wouldn't have to endure it anymore. After class, Heather and I went to a place called Bexley Reserve, mainly because we passed it on the way to Southshore the other day and it kind of became a ridiculous joke. Either way, we just went to take a picture or two, then we boarded the bus back to the city exchange. We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to school so we could grab something to make for dinner, then we watched a movie or two. I love that you can totally get away with that in the winter and no one thinks you're lazy. Or at least most people don't think you're lazy. On a sad note, my camera is toying with my emotions. It will not decided if it is working or not and I am getting upset with it. I hope its just the quality (or lack there of) of the batteries that I am using.

Oh, and I just want to say that Gia, my surrogate mom, is amazing. Since it is nearing the end of term, and I'm probably not going to see her again, minus the final exams, she brought me a gift today. She got me the most amazing jade necklace, it's carving means "new beginnings" and she also brought me the new Maroon 5 cd. I am so grateful that I met someone like her here, not just because she bought me things, but because she took me under her wing right away. She's such a sweetheart. I will post a picture of her and I after I get it from Heather. Alright, I am off to sleep, it's a long day tomorrow and it starts early, we are going to Akaroa (90 minutes away) early in the morning on a wicked dodgy shuttle. Should be a good time.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone out there is taking care of you since we can't.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Gia sounds nice and all; but she does understand that she was RENTING you, doesn't she? Be sure to give her my paypal address...

...and tell her Thanks.