Mt. Vernon? Negative... Days 106-107

Well... yesterday wasn't all that exciting, so I'm not going to bother describing every detail. Went to class, went downtown, then watched some telly. The only redeeming part of the day was the sunset, which was extraordinary. Again, my photo does no justice.

Today was a little more lively. First, I woke up at the crack of 7:30... which was unpleasant. So I called my mummy and talked to her for a bit. Eventually I poured myself out of bed and took a shower so I could go on a mini adventure. Much like our last one, this one didn't pan out. We went to a place called Mt. Vernon, which was supposed to be really cool. It turned out to be a good photo opportunity of the city, but that is about it. We ended up in Hornby for a bit, then we went back to Ilam to make a fruit salad, as Gia was having a party. Not going to lie here, the fruit salad may be the best fruit salad ever made. The party was a pretty good time, I ended up talking politics with someone from the communication disorders class's mum. It was all good though. I also got to talk to Gia's husband, who recommended a book called State of Denial. It sounds interesting, it's about our government. After the party we went back to Heather's flat and watched Shrek with Jeff & Jia. Good times.


The First Trip said...

I made fruit salad recently myself and realized how much I actually miss fruit! LOL!

Who's the man behind the curtain?

Samantha said...

Ohh that's Jeff... he was slightly inebriated

Anonymous said...

Is the man behind the curtain trying to touch your...Your...YOUR... BODY?????

what the hell is going on over there? Do we have to have that 'engorged' discussion again?


The First Trip said...

O.O! *to your mom*

And I can guess he was slightly inebriated!