This day has 37 hours... Day 114

Today I woke up and took all of my trash out, did any extra cleaning that I needed to do and then I called a cab and went to the airport. I was sad for a minute there and my eyes started to tear up, but I got over it. I got through the ChCh airport just fine. In the next 45 hours or so, I will have been (or seen in some cases) in 3 countries (New Zealand --> Fiji --> USA), 6 airports (ChCh --> Auckland --> Nadi, Fiji --> LAX --> Phoenix, AZ --> Chicago --> Detroit), 8 time zones (NZ/Fiji --> Nuku'alofa --> International Date Line West --> Samoa --> Hawaii --> Alaska --> Pacific --> Mountain), 3 sun rises (NZ, Date Line - ish, Chicago), 2 sunsets (Fiji, Phoenix) and the most confusing part... three days... but two of them I had twice. I went over the international date line just after at about 2am on June 10, so then it was June 9 again... then I flew for a million more hours and it was June 10 again. Yeah. Sweet as.

So I started June 9 at midnight at +12 Greenwich Standard Time (GST). I ended June 9 at 11:59 -7 GST. That means that my day was approximately 37 hours long. Let me tell you, it was a wicked dodgy day. I'm going to post a series of entries that I typed onto my computer at a few of the four airports I was at on June 9:

~I’m sitting in the airport to fly to Auckland. I have a crazy journey ahead of me, lasting 40 or so hours. I fly from Chch to Auckland, Auckland to Fiji, Fiji to LAX, LAX to Phoenix, Phoenix to Chicago and finally Chicago to Detroit. I’m kind of excited to get home, but at the same time, it’s quite sad. Oh, and I just saw a guy with a Central Michigan University shirt on… so I asked him about it. Turns out he’s a Kiwi with a friend at CMU. Sweet as. (Current Local Time: 11:06am June 9)

~Here I am, reporting live-ish from Nadi International Airport. I have approximately 3 hours until I board my flight to LAX, where I intend to sleep for as long as possible, since this flight is ludicrous. I had a horrible experience at Auckland International, as our flight landed late and I had a connecting flight with only 40 minutes to make it through the departure customs. I forgot those existed. Anyways, I made it to my flight, which was also running late, with a few minutes to spare, but there were a few minutes where I thought I was going to completely miss everything. Which would have been bad. Anyways, I’m just going to sit here for a few hours, try and hold off on eating dinner, since I’m sure I’ll get something on the plane. (Current Local Time: 7:23pm June 9)

~I’m currently at LAX, talking to Catherine Trombly on my cell phone. There was a fiasco involving my baggage, one of my bags came through on the wrong plane and one is still unaccounted for, so if you don’t get a souvenir, don’t fret, it will arrive in the next year or so. (Current Local Time: 5:45pm June 9)


B said...

We are all really glad you are home :)

Anonymous said...

My head has slowly stopped spinning. S-l-o-w-l-y. You coming home like THAT was the equivalent of flushing an M-80 down the toilet of my mind. Or up...wtfever.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally glad you're home.


Anonymous said...

your mind is a toilet