Hmmm... Day 6

So today I really didn't do anything important at all... I went into the city for a little bit, I bought a book, which I'm sure I'll be made fun of, but Kent will appreciate it. It's called Inside Little Britain. It's a pretty good book, it's about half biography, half autobiography. Anyways, boring day.


Catherine said...

I don't even feel like I'm watching my best friend on a video! I feel like you got traded in for a Kiwi. Do you have any idea how 'Survivor' that was? :). It was fantastic! I felt like you were on TV. You need to take a video of your roommates soon so I (and everyone else too) can see who you are living with.

Love you! Miss you!

Amanda Kay said...

i miss you!!
i love you!!!
we will be waiting for you at rec when you come home to me my darling!!!!

Dana said...

Dood! You look beat. BUT THIS IS SO AWESOME!

And your hair's blonde-ish! Wowza.

You are a celebrity, dear.