New Home? Nah... Day 4

I just need to start by saying that last night was absolutely ridiculous. Every single person that I came across was half in the bag. I went to bed around 9:30 and passed right out, but around midnight, one of my roommates came in, somewhat drunk, with this guy that was definitely drunk. I think she was getting her bathing suit… which New Zealanders call ‘togs’. Anyways, he whipped his manly parts out and rubbed them on someone’s bed… effing sick.

Today we got up pretty early to get packed up to fly out to Christchurch. When I was packing my blanket and pillow, the zipper broke on my suitcase… luckily its one of those zippers with two on it, so I was able to zip it up nice. After that, I went down and had breakfast, then got on the coach to go to a meeting before we got on the plane. Somehow, I did not get booked on one of the group flights to Christchurch, I ended up on a Quantas flight with another guy from my group though, which was cool. Our flight was a little delayed and unfortunately for the group, our flight was the last to come in, so they had to wait for us. Haha. We got on a questionable bus, then drove over to Ilam Village, the international student flats. Pretty sweet rooms actually, I have my own bedroom, which is a pretty good size, then we have a good size kitchen and dining room/living room. And we have a balcony! Score. So far, I have four roommates, but one is still coming. Anyways, they are Adam, a guy from New Jersey; Jen, from Boston; Kate, from somewhere in the South; and Hiron, a Kiwi from Roturua. The other guy is a Kiwi too, no idea where he’s from. My roommates are pretty sweet so far.

Anyways, I went to the grocery store to pick up some essentials, then I came back and made toast and yoghurt for dinner. I promise that I know how to spell yogurt, I figure I should start spelling things like they do, otherwise I won’t fit in… They spell everything like the British, then they have some of their own spellings. After dinner, I unpacked everything that I brought, then I realized I really brought nothing. I’m going to need to go shopping eventually… but everything is neat and organized.

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Soooo, any cuteness thus far??