Schoolin'... Day 12

I've had my first class. It was slightly amazing. The professor was asking if there were any non-New Zealanders, which there were a few. Interestingly, I'm the only American in my Acoustics & Phonetics class. The professor is slightly intrigued by my accent, so she's been using me as a teaching tool. She says a word, has us transcribe it phonetically (those ridiculous looking symbols that are supposed to mean sounds), then she has me say it and the class has to transcribe it as well. It was quite embarrassing at first, since I sound really funny compared to them. For instance, the word 'art'. As Americans, we pronounce the 'r' pretty significantly. It's not so here, it sounds similar to the word 'at' but with a soft 'a' sound... more of an 'ah' sound. They all laughed when I said aRRRRRt. Evil Kiwis.

Class # 2 was Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms. It was quite boring, we started off by going over the anatomy of the human body... which isn't really pertinent if you're studying the head.

Now I don't have class again until Wednesday morning, although I'm probably going to hit up New Brighton beach tomorrow morning with Kate. Sweet as.


Dana said...

ACCENTS! Gosh I love you more the more you mention accents. :D

I'm glad the classes seem okay. I would love to see your first class-- sneak a video during a class, okay? ;P

PST! We (I!) want info-- hotties? With accents? Videos?!??!?! lol, anxiously awaiting...

Michelle said...


I love that they were making fun of the way we talk because we do the same to Canadians...or at least I do! Lol! (Its only for my love for Canada! loL!)

Still miss you!!

-Love ya!
Chelle (I will now faithfully check your blog! Since I miss you so much...Whenever there is a mention of Rocky Horror I miss you all the more!)

Cat said...

ugh, I am jealous. Though, I have to hand it to you, I would have trouble not mimicking their accents and accidently looking like an idiot for doing so. :) love ya