Quicksand... Day 7

Today I went to the International Student Enrolment (they spell that wrong too...) even though I was supposed to go tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I just kinda skated in. It ran really smoothly and it means that I got my internet, as well as my metrocard, today. The metrocard gets me really cheap bus fares. Hopefully I'll be getting a bike within a week, as I heard about this deal where you can buy a bike, then sell it back for half price.

Anyways, today I went into the city for a little bit, talked to Jason & Becky online @ a cafe, then I went down to Sumner Beach, about 1/2 hour outside of the city. I'm going to have to go back with my camera, it is gorgeous. The water was kinda nice, but the rocks and stuff were amazing. There was this huge cave right in the middle of the beach, that you could explore during low tide. It was super sweet. I might go back tomorrow on a picture taking expedition. There's a quicksand warning there... which kinda freaked me out, so I stayed away from that area like whoa.

Anyways, in the enrolment, I got all of the classes I wanted, so I'm good to go! Woot. I think I'm going to catch up on Grey's Anatomy from last week :). Awesome.


Amanda Kay said...

AHHH quicksand!!!
thats scary!!
dont die!!!

Cat said...

Um... where is my next post??? I am waiting. Today is the 22nd, which means there it is the 23, and te last post is def the 21.... I want more... NOW.

:) I'm kidding, of course. Why would YOU be up at 9:46?

Dana said...

A cave?! I want a cave! :( Sweetness for you.