Cinco de Mayo... NZ style... Day 79 (+very early Day 80)

Today was pretty chill, I woke up late, then went downtown with Heather, from Massachusetts, to sort out our car rental situation. I believe we have a Toyota Corolla, which isn't bad. I would have preferred a car that looked more kiwi than that, but Toyota will have to do. Later on in the day, I went to Heather's place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with her and her roommate Jeff. He's a pretty cool guy from San Francisco, who's probably joining us on our trek to Franz Josef. Our celebration consisted of making some choice (read: good) tacos. All of us being non-Mexicans, we just kind of ended our celebrations there, as we did not have sombreros or anything exciting like that. We quickly turned on the television and hung out with their other roommate, Ja, from China. I left around 12:30am to come back here and work on my essay. Until I realized that the new episode of Grey's Anatomy was available. Ready? I'm going to rationalize that. So communication disorders is a health profession, Grey's takes place in a hospital. They are similar, thus I can have one while neglecting the other. Anyways, I work best under pressure and I already have all of my research done, I just need to put it into paragraph form. Fast forward to the present, 3am, where I am going to sleep for a few hours before getting up to go on the most ridiculous adventure ever. Or at least the most ridiculous adventure to take place in less than 24 hours.

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Becky said...

Seriously have a great time :), be careful! We have some great stories for you when you get back! *HUG*