Lyttelton... Day 96

Today I woke up early... again. Then I slept some more. I'm sensing a pattern. Anyways, after I woke up for a little bit, Heather and I went on another adventure, we seem to have a pattern going, since neither of us have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We decided to go to Lyttelton today, which is a cute little port town. I've been there before, it is where I went to get to Quail Island at the beginning of the semester. Anyways, we walked around Lyttelton for a bit, then we decided to catch a ferry to Diamond Harbour. On the ride there, the captain was intent on splashing us. When we got there, we found a walking path that led us to a cute park and a whole bunch of really good views of the town. We ended up taking a bunch of photos, before heading further up the trail, which led to a really small town. I've never seen a town this small, there is a post office, cafe/general store and a hall. Cute though. We had a little break and got some ginger beer from the cafe, it was pretty good. We hopped back on a ferry and got outta town. Lyttelton is nice, but it's really small and full of pubs, as any port town should be.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're getting to sightsee a little. Very cool post office, if that's what it was.


Coop said...

nice post office... its still got wire out the top to send telegraphs? lol... special... miss ya |--|/

Cat said...

I like your picture with the sign. It's very "Sam."

Anonymous said...

Is that the post office, or the Shed behind the post office?

And how are you gonna get us signs?


Samantha said...

It's the post office. I know, soooo tiny. Smaller than Anchorville.