Sometimes NZ is just as boring exciting as home... Days 76-77

I think I'm going to go on an excursion soon to take pictures of roadsigns. I really like them and they have different ones here. That's what this is boiling down to, taking photos of roadsigns... I'm thinking about seeing of one of my friends wants to rent a car & go down to Franz Josef glacier for a day, I really want to go there and see this glacier. It is one of the few glaciers that is still growing... It's supposed to be amazing. I can't imagine going by a glacier, it seems like something you can't do. Either way, I'm excited. Although I'm going down there in the winter time... which is stupid. But hey, at least I get to see it. And I'm excited to drive on the wrong side of the road. Hopefully I end up doing this, but if I don't, I will still have had an amazing time on the other side of the world. I did something slightly exciting last night, I tried Pad Thai. Not bad, but probably something I'll never eat again.

Even though I'm still here for a while, I only have 15 more days of classes to go to, spread out over the next five weeks. How weird is that?


Becky said...

If you go to the glacier that will be completely awesome! Take tons of pictures- you're right it's definately not something you'd think you'd get to do! *HUG* dress warmly

The First Trip said...

Pad Thai is only good if you like peanuts. Which I dont' which is why I only had a bite and refused to eat any of it. Kow Pad is better (its spicy fried rice) ;)

That glacier sounds cool! (literally) lol! I can't wait to see more streetsigns knowing you, you'll find the random ones!

Much love

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to you getting home, it seems like you've been gone a long time. Glaciers are really cool..no pun intended. I'm interested to see if they look the same as the ones in Alaska. Anyway, we still love ya and keep on keeping us informed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh!!!
About the glacier sounding Cool...
seeing it would be mind-Numbing; a Polarizing experience...

There's many more of us here. Take all of Us missing You, multiplied by the fact that you cannot wait to get home, divide that by the reality that THIS WAS YOUR IDEA, AND WE ARE SITTING HERE, MISSING YOU AND YOUR FREDDIES, and you know what I come up with?
Don't waste your time being bored. If you are truly bored, learn something completely off the wall, like How to Knit-with all the wool there, someone knows how...or Basket Weaving...something freakish-so that in 10 years, when you're in some situation that calls for some silly talent-you will be able to say...Oh, I learned that when I was in NZ.
Or even a photography class. You're doing an awesome job already; see if there's anything you don't know about it.


cat said...

J'adore toi. Tu es amazing.