The continent controversy... Very early morning Day 76

Australia, to be or not to be a continent? It seems as though it is losing this battle. Granted it is the largest of the South Pacific islands, but does it really deserve the title of continent? The term used by the United Nations is Oceania, which is inclusive of most of the South pacific. Oceania is split into the sub continents of Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. I've been to all but Micronesia, as I've been to Oz, Fiji (Melanesia) and New Zealand (Polynesia). There is still more controversy surrounding these continents, sometimes the subcontinent that NZ sets on is referred to Zealandia, which is a submerged continent. (Yes, totally my handiwork...minus the map)While we're talking about NZ, I'd like to point out that the man (Alan Dale) that played Caleb Nichols from The OC and plays Bradford Meade on Ugly Betty (he's someone on Lost as well), is from Dunedin, NZ. I heard him talking on an interview and he has an unmistakable New Zealand accent, so I looked it up.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're praaaaaaaaiiiid. Apparently, Australia already has a complex, and now you've made it CRY. What are you, some kinda BULLY? A BULLY WHO WANTS TO GET DREADS?!? SO YOU CAN MAKE REAL CONTINENTS CRY, TOO?
Nice pic, even if it's a little sad.

Lurve, M

The First Trip said...

LOL! Your mom is hysterical. How can you tell the difference better an NZ and Austrilian accent? That's been bugging me since you said that!
I miss you!
Much love!

Jason said...

Rabbit, Rabbit

Samantha said...

Jake you're a wiener.

Oh & I don't know how I can tell the difference between a NZ and an OZ accent, I just can. They have subtle differences in their speech.