Sumner in the Winter... Days 90-91

Yesterday was quite a bore, I didn't do that much other than going to class. I did get some great news though, I was speaking with Gia (pronounced with a hard 'G'), previously noted surrogate mother, and told her of our upcoming road trip. She offered up her spare car like it was nothing! I am so excited, this is saving Heather and I at least $100, as car rentals aren't that cheap. Gia is such a sweet heart. Anyways, I didn't do much else, save studying a little bit for my upcoming Audiology exam.

Today I was quite burnt out on studying, so Heather and I went to Sumner Beach to hang out, since she had not been there thus far. It was a lot of fun, although I realized that my camera might be completely tits up (read: broken beyond repair). Every time that I go to take a picture, I press the button, then the camera shuts off. It's not so good. I've changed the batteries too, but I'll do it one more time before I completely disregard it. I felt slightly bad, but Heather's camera had to perform double duty. We walked around the town for a while, which was pretty cool, we went to a store that reminded me of Archie McPhee's, in Seattle, on a much smaller scale. We ended up getting some fish and chips (pronounced by some Kiwis as: fush 'n' chups), then walking down to this huge rock that's just sitting in the middle of the ocean. I don't think we got a picture of it, I'm going to have to go back before I leave and take one, it looks so bizarre. Anyways, I may have purchased a small souvenir for myself... I couldn't help it, I bought a purse. I know, I know, I have enough purses to last me a lifetime. I really couldn't help myself. It's just so pretty. I'll take a picture when I have a working camera.

Look at this cool picture: We're shadow people. I've never thought to take a picture like this. Although next time I'll make sure that there are no awkwardly placed sea shells, like there is in this one. Yeah, I know you're going to look for it now, I'm sorry. I'm on the right, by the way.

Okay, I have one more observation, then I'm off to sleep. I've noticed, whilst traveling, that you kind of make friends really fast. You pretty much skip all the normal friend making experiences and just dive right in to hanging out in a new city, like I did in Kaikoura, or going on road trips, like I'm doing now. While doing the crazy stuff you sort of fit in the normal sort of stuff, like having actual conversations. Everywhere I've gone, I've done this and it is pretty cool, I have good friends that I've made in a lot of new places.


Anonymous said...

Sammy, that's why I can make friends so easily, we moved around so much while growing that if you found someone you really liked being with you were "instant friends" cause you don't have much time.

Love ya,

Cat said...

Well, I personally think you should come back to your good friends in the USA :). The ones you spent 12 years getting to know :D!!

But, ya know, since you are over there, you might-as-well make a few more... I guess.

Anonymous said...

Nice clam.