Sometimes photos don't do justice... Day 95

Today was fairly ordinary for a school day, although I did wake up an entire hour and a half before my class was due to start, which is unheard of. I usually will wait until I cannot possibly wait any longer to wake up. My classes were alright today, Anatomy & Physiology was boring, but that's nothing new. The weather today was absolutely gorgeous, the wind was blowing, but it wasn't cold at all, just cool and breezy. I love days like today, it smells like a nice fall day, a lot like the beginning of October. While walking across campus, I looked up at the top of the library, as there were people staring and pointing. I did not expect what I saw, there were people abseiling (read: rappelling) down the side of the building. That's something you don't see every day. But I always see things here that you don't see every day. I realized something else kind of cool today, NZ has a very high tolerance for skateboarding. Everyone seems to do it and they don't get a bad rep like they do at home, where there are signs everywhere against skateboarding. Here people do it all over the place and no one bats an eyelash. After classes today, I ran up to Countdown to grab a few items for dinner. When I got back to my flat (read: apartment), the sunset was absolutely amazing. I really wish I had taken better photos, because mine really do not do it justice, but I'll put up what I've got.


B said...

it's still a beautiful sunset :)

The First Trip said...

Yes the sunset was amazingly beautiful! Nice picture of you too by the way ^_^
Good to see your face again ^_^

Cat said...

You always take beautiful sunset/sunrise pictures. I don't get it. You could be upside-down and it would still turn out great. (What would that be called? a sunrising set?)