Darling Harbor, I love you... Day 64

Today I actually woke up later than usual, around 8:30am. I went down to the common kitchen and grabbed some of the cereal that I bought last night. Then I hopped on the monorail and went to Darling Harbor again, I’m quite fond of it. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to an IMAX film. It was a movie called 300; it was about the Battle of Thermopile… or something to that effect. It was a lot of blood and war, so not really my forte, but I digress. After the movie, I walked around Darling Harbor for a bit, then I found a nice spot to sit down and write again. Apparently Sydney makes me want to write. After a while, I went down to a place called Paddy’s Market, which is an extreme version of The Gibraltar Trade Center. I thought of Cat when I walked in the door. Anyways, they gave me a free bag, so I win. Then I met some guys from New Zealand, one of them had just completed an Iron Man Triathlon, I'm very impressed. Today I realized that I am able to distinguish an Australian accent from a Kiwi accent. Not gonna lie here, it wasn’t that exciting of a day, I was going to do some other stuff, but it was really overcast and it would have been a waste to do it then. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get down to Bondi Beach, as well as checking out the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House up close. On a way more exciting note, I think that I know where the Olympic grounds are, so I want to get there on Saturday afternoon. I’m stoked. I learned something new today, I didn’t realize that New Caledonia was a French speaking nation, but the ladies sitting across from me on the monorail today were from New Caledonia and they were definitely speaking French. Well, I’m going to sign off, I might go see a movie with my Canadian roommate later on tonight… or I’ll fall asleep.

I’m not much into praying, but for all the people touched by the Virginia Tech shootings, you’re in my thoughts.


The First Trip said...

What is the difference between the two accents? Beautiful pictures by the way! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, it looks beautiful there!
-Love and Miss-

amanda kay said...

my friends saw 300 on spring break.
they wanted me to go with but i was like ehh no thanks.
but they LOVED it.
the VT thing is crazy huh?
miss you and love you tons and tons.
--amanda kay--

Cat said...

I don't know what to think about the fact that I pop into your mind when something Gibralter-Trade-Center-esc is around... I think that makes me pathetic... :)