Lengu Levu... Day 58

This morning, I woke up on what I believed to be my last full day on the island. Anyways, I just chilled for an hour, then we went to the school in Lengu Levu, on Mali island. I had way too much fun there with the kids. It was a completely awesome experience. First, the kids sang us a song, then did a meke (read: dance). It was great until we had to do it as well... it was quite pathetic, but fun all the same. After that, I helped teach a 3rd/4th grade class. We did hangman. At one point, they were having a hard time with a word, so I tried to draw a stomach on the hangman guy, since they had already gotten all of the normal body parts... too bad it accidentally looked like a large penis. Awkward. The guy I was teaching with informed me of this after class... we had a good chuckle. After class, I went outside and played netball (read: basketball for girls) with some of the girls, then I played with some of the smaller kids. A little girl named Louisa was glued to me. Great fun. We left the school and hopped back on the boat to V2. I ended up playing poker again, with the same people as before. I actually did well this time though. After all the meals, we ended up doing MORE KAVA. Those lushes. Good thing its not bad for you. Oh, and I realized today that I don't leave the island until Sunday... I was under the impression that I left on Saturday.

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Cat said...

That guy sounds really hot, Sam. I am so jealous that you got to teach!!