Irregular sleep patterns... Days 71-72

I'm starting to get into a more regular sleep pattern... and what I mean by that is, I woke up earlier today than I did yesterday. But yesterday was an all time record for sleeping in. I slept until approximately 4:00pm yesterday, whereas today, I only slept until 12:00pm. See how I'm fixing this? Anyways, I just wanted to put up a little video. And tell you one of the most important things ever. When I was in Australia, I was on a mission. To find a toilet that did not flush straight down, like the ones in NZ do. The reason for this was to see if the toilets on this side of the world really do flush the other way. I did not complete my mission, I couldn't find one toilet that actually flushed like ours do at home. Maybe they have a good idea here though, they seem to be good toilets. Minus the fact that just about every single one is completely made of plastic.


Coop said...

way to look like ur dying... stellar... miss you |--|/

Becky said...

You totally crack me up Kiddo! Glad you're starting to feel better- now WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

You Finally got a BIG RED DOT on your map!
Nice prison cell. How about putting a damn poster...or even a PILLOWCASE...on the wall!

You're feeling better; goot.

Miss you.
LURVE, Mutha

Cat said...

Did somebody forget to inform you as a child that toilets actually do not flush the opposite way in the south hemisphere? Coriolis Force cannot affect something that small, so the only thing that makes the toilet water circle a certain way is the direction of the jets. Even though you believed that myth, I still love you :P