The Village People... Day 57

This morning I was again woken up by the breakfast bell. I slept quite a bit better in the “bed” that Steffen left for me. In reality, it is just a raised piece of wood, but I think the bed shape is what convinced me that it was better. That and the extremely impressive mozzie (read: mosquito) net. Today I went down to the village with some people and learned how to make a fan out of palm leaves. Francis was the lady teaching us, but she didn’t speak much English, so she had a boy translating for us. Said boy was flirting with me like it was going out of style. Later on, we went to the village and had some grog with the locals, since they finished the new water tank. I played some poker after the grog with 2 English people, a Scot and a Dutch boy. Good fun.


Anonymous said...

Are we going to have to find a "12 step" book for "grog" when you get home?


Cat said...

Look at Sam making a fan!