Intense holidays... Day 51

Kiwis are super intense about their holidays. Today was Good Friday and I expected a few stores to be open, as I had to buy a torch (read: flash light). No such luck. The only stores I found to be open were a few convenience stores and a place called Hell Pizza. I went there, as I've been told by countless people that I need to try Hell Pizza before I leave NZ. It lived up to its reputation, it is absolutely delicious. I got one of the pizzas named after the Seven Deadly Sins. Mine was Greed. It was an excellent Hawaiian Pizza. Mmm good. I didn't end up finding a torch, but I think I'll survive. I can always get one in Fiji. Where I'll be in thirteen hours. I'm leaving in just under seven hours for the airport... I'm so excited... but I don't think I'll be able to sleep, which is going to suck. But I'm willing to accept that.

Speaking of Fiji, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to post, since internet access can be sketchy. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to post tomorrow, but after that, I have no idea. Check back for updates though. If I cannot post while on Vorovoro, I'm certain that I will be able to post when I'm back in Nadi (pronounced: Nandi) on April 14 or 15. See you then!

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The First Trip said...

New Zealanders worry me already but at least they close down stuff for Good Friday! Anyways be safe and enjoy your trip!
-Love and Miss-