No day but today... Day 53 cont'd

Today, after much ado, Sara Jane (SJ) and I finally got in the boat with the captain, Api. Thirty minutes later, I was greeted by my fellow tribemates at the shore. All of the names are a blur, I vaguely remember a Steve and a George. The island is overrun by Brits and Americans, however, there is a guy from Holland and a German. Today we reached the highest ever number of people on the island, which is awesome. Soon after arriving on the island, I got the official tour by the chief’s husband, apparently the chief needed some sleep. This place is ten times better than I could have ever imagined. An hour later I was helping cook Easter supper. We ate at a large covered dining table by the sea. Miraculously, all of us (upwards of 15) fit at once. After supper, we drifted back to the Great Bure (pronounced bur-ay), sans the drinkers, who were living it up at the dining table. We all sat around and chatted, periodically being poked and prodded by Jacob, the youngest member so far, at the age of 8. Then, out of nowhere, a mammoth spider dropped from the ceiling. Right next to my leg. Including legs, the spider was about the size of my palm. I immediately jumped and ran to the other side of the Bure, as did a few of the other girls. Steffen, the German journalist, chased it out of the Bure with a giant bowl. I have no idea how that worked, but either way, the spider was gone. Later that night, Api came over and played guitar for a while. I quickly climbed back into my area of the Bure, fully enclosed in my mosquito net, and fell asleep.


Cat said...

Sam! I don't know if you know this, but you totally have an accent! LMFAO, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...


Sam has MADE us go UPSTAIRS...several times...to kill little tiny spiders, even the daddy-long-legs, which everyone knows is harmless, she's a complete WIMP when it comes to spiders. Thanks for the vis of you sreaming and running and your face turning red because you THOUGHT YOU WERE IN MORTAL DANGER.

Lurve, M

amanda kay said...

WOW you have an accent!!!!!! you sound like an aussie.. ish.... lol!!! that is freaking amazing