Really really really close... Day 53

So I am literally a boat ride away from Vorovoro... but the guy who pretty much came up with the Tribewanted idea broke his foot, so Sara Jane (a girl that works for Tribewanted) and I are waiting around to hear from him. Last phone call said he might be in the hospital for four days. Apparently they don't have outpatient surgery here. Anyways, did I mention that Fiji is hot? I am sitting here, doing absolutely nothing and I am still sweating. It's driving me crazy. Alas, I will get used to it.

Anyways, the plane ride over to Labasa from Nadi was great, I was on a little hopper of an aircraft, there were six rows, three seats each. It was a bumpy ride to say the least, but it was still pretty cool. The view was amazing. The one I put up here looks strange... almost like a painting.

Now I'm just sitting in the conference room of a mediocre hotel, leeching on their internet. Ahh... Fiji is a magical place.


Anonymous said...

*HUG* Happy Easter Darling! Enjoy the heat in Fiji- we have snow back here. That picture is absolutely beautiful!
Oh- and in case I forgot last time we talked - Rabbit Rabbit!
We miss you! Can't wait to see you when you get home


mutha said...

That guy also broke his foot. You only call ME a dork? I do know a good lawyer...who specializes in DISCRIMINATION CASES...so watch your mouth.

Happy Easter.

Cat said...

That picture form the plane is sweet.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the guy "REALLY BROKE HIS FOOT?" Anyway, love the picture Sammy, have a great time. How hot is hot?


Anonymous said...

where the heck are you?