Sleep is overrated... Day 52

I never went to sleep last night... I don't know how I managed that, but somehow, I did. Instead, I stayed awake and did random stuff until 3:30am, when I finally got really tired, so I took a 20 minute nap. Then I was awake to get my stuff done and get downstairs by 4:15am for my shuttle to Christchurch International Airport. When I got there, I was ravenous, so after going through security and stuff, I scarfed down a croissant sandwich. Delicious. Then I sat around for about an hour until my flight was called. When I finally got on the plane, I couldn't sleep for the life of me, I was having these weird little asthma things, probably because of the altitude change. Every time I would drift off, I would wake up gasping for breath. It was kinda weird. But once I got used to the thinner air, I fell asleep like a baby. I slept most of the way to Fiji. When I woke up, I was super disoriented, which sounds horrible, but it was just because of the lack of sleep. I got off the plane and went through immigration and customs really fast, then sat around for 3o minutes, waiting for my shuttle to the Nomad Sky Lodge Hostel. My driver was a really nice guy, but to make it better, the ride was FREE! Awesome. Let me just tell you that Fiji is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like the island on Lost. I'm utterly amazed. I think I'm going to go out in a little bit and take some pictures. Right now I'm waiting around the hostel to check in, as my check in time is in just over an hour, so I can't go find a bed and sleep. Lame. Sleep will come soon. Actually, I'm just going to take a small nap, so I don't ruin my sleep schedule for the rest of my life. OH! And Fiji money looks pretty cool, I have a $2 bill... and I think it's red.

While I was waiting for my room, I went and checked out the hostel, it's pretty impressive. As soon as I get into my room, I'm going to get into my togs (read: swim suit) and hop in the pool. Oh, and I met the rugby team that's sponsored by Air Pacific. They were super nice.

I had to buy some coconut soap here... and I know I got ripped off, but it's eco friendly for Vorovoro, so I guess I can deal with it. Luckily it smells good. Okay, my room is ready and there are some hot Fijian rugby players outside... so I'm gonna go.


The First Trip said...

You enjoy those rugby players! LoL! I want lots of pictures!
Miss and Love!
Be safe!

mutha said...

YO! Don't enjoy them Too Damn Much.
Remember those talks we had...

If you don't remember, when a man's Penis...becomes Engorged...as he becomes significantly more aroused...


And thanks for the dork tag. Did I tell you that my foot Hurts, and it would be nice if I had you AND Dad to wait on me? This is a lot of work for Dad.


Amanda Kay said...

get me a freaking fiji ruby guy!!!! i freaking miss you like whoa... i cant wait till you can get online again. we needa talk. STAT! lovies!!!