Boring life... Day 26

This morning I tried to stay asleep, but like always, the sun woke me up hours before my alarm clock would have. I took care of some things today, including finally paying for my tickets home, which I'm quite happy about. I have a pretty interesting journey ahead of me, that's for sure. I'm not able to get any direct flights to Honolulu, so I'm flying from here to Nadi, Fiji, where I have to stay two nights, as there aren't a lot of flights from the South Pacific to Hawaii. From Fiji, I fly to a country called Kiribati, where I have an hour layover. Then i fly to Honolulu, where I stay for about three days. From Honolulu, I fly in to O'Hare Airport for a quick layover, then back home to Detroit. All together, I spent under $1000 on flights home, which isn't too bad, considering the fact that I'm stopping in Hawaii. After figuring all of this out, I went to both of my classes. Each were rather boring, but it happens. Later in the afternoon, I went to the gym to get a semester membership. I'm quite irked that we have to pay for everything separately here, such as gym memberships, internet and printing, since we're paying a hefty sum just to be studying. The rest of my day has gone by pretty quickly, I talked to a few people from home today, which was nice. I do have to top up my phone card pretty soon though. It actually isn't bad, I've still got about 1/3 of it left after 3 weeks usage and it was only $20 NZ. I'm off to bed now though. I'll leave you with a picture of a sign I found in one of the bathrooms on campus. There are so many things about this sign that confuse me.


The First Trip said...

That sign...OY!!
That was so weird! Where was that?
-Love and Miss-

Catherine said...

We need those signs here!! so people will stop peeing on the toilet seat. Sheesh, use a toilet cover people.

Amanda Kay said...

omg!!! the sign!!!!
use the rubbish bin!!!
dont flush!!!
thats what it was like for me in costa rica...
you cant flush TP
so when i got back to the states in our layouver in texas the first thing i did was flush some TP
it was amazing...
i miss you!!!