Why is everything backwards... Day 44

I think I might go down town to the open air market, as it was closed yesterday due to weather. Other than that, I have a package or two to mail off. Really exciting stuff. Here's another random picture:

In New Zealand, you can order your coffee/tea in a cup or...... a bowl.


Cat said...

I don't think I like that coffee in a bowl. I went to the honors talent show tongith and won a 20$ giftcard to the MU bookstore. I was the LAST person they drew form the hat!!!

ANYWAY, thanks for doing another video diary entry. They rock and I love watching them.


The First Trip said...

HOLY SHIT! That bowl is huge!
Miss and love

Samantha said...

Umm that's kickass.

I love monstrous bowls... but that was WAYYYY too much chai tea. I never thought I'd say that there is too much chai tea, but that was. Miss you too.