I am now the proud owner... Day 42

...of a frypod. As in I fried my mp3 player. I was walking to class today in some serious rain and I opened my backpack, to get out my mp3 player. Bad idea. The next thing I know is my mp3 player is flying through the air, completely out of reach. It landed in a gargantuan puddle and there was not a thing I could do about it. As sad a story that is, I couldn't help but laugh when it happened. Which makes me crazy. Apparently I accepted my fate rather well. Now I can listen for those birds people talk about. Other than that, I had a pretty excellent day. I had an exam this morning, but I think I aced it. My other classes were a breeze. Let me take this time to tell you about the grading scale in New Zealand:
100 -- 85.....A+
84 -- 80.......A
79 -- 75.......A-
74 -- 70.......B+
69 -- 65.......B
64 -- 60.......B-
59 -- 55.......C+
54 -- 50.......C
49 -- 45.......C-
45 -- 0.........F
Someone please explain that to me. If I come back & did bad in my classes, feel free to slap me in the head, I don't deserve an education. I also learned a new phrase from Sara, a girl in my Anatomy & Physiology class. Tits up. It is roughly translated to broken or out of commission. Example: Sam dropped her mp3 player in a puddle and now it's tit's up. I love learning new things. Less exciting but equally as informative is the word torch. I was told, that for my Tribewanted trip, I would need a torch. So of course I emailed someone who already went and asked where I can get a torch, thinking that it is the common idea of a torch, a stick that holds fire on the end. I got a rude awakening. The reply I received said that I can get them at any sporting goods or hardware store. I was dumbfounded. Then, for good measure, I googled "torch, new zealand" and the image of a flashlight appeared on my screen. Oh my.

Anyways, after classes today, I went over to the gym for an hour or so. On my way back to the flat, I ran into my roommate Adam and we talked for a minute. Before I knew it, I was invited to a yoga class. It was actually amazing. I think I'm going to start going every week.

I've been finding it hard to end these blog posts sometimes, so I think I'm going to start doing a picture of the day. Here goes.Oh and thank you to my AMAZING readers, especially the ones who are commenting: Cat, Aunt Jill (aka Bean), Mutha, Unka Price and Michelle... I LOVE YOU GUYS.


Anonymous said...

We love you too and I don't know which pic I liked better, the passport in the toilet or the Sperm Whale sign.

Keep it up honey,


Anonymous said...

So, are these whales crossing the street? Or is the boat crossing their path? I'm so easily confused.


Unka Price

The First Trip said...

LoL...sperm whale....
I'm sorry about your MP3 player but I'm glad you laughed in fate's face! take that fate! Lol!
That grading scale is nuts I had to look at it three times and was like O_O Crap.
Love ya! Be safe!
More random pictures! (And I cannot believe you did not get that 'torch' meant 'flashlight'! Even I knew that ^_^)

Cat said...

I am definitely as confused as Uncle Bill. Are the whales 'crossing the street?' or is that a boat sign? Cuz as far as I know, you haven't been on a boat since sperm whale watching, and you generally don't post pictures a week and a half after you took them.


mutha said...

What do you know about Sperm?

Amy said...

You did take your dropping of the MP3 player well. I would have cried. LOL. OMG, that sign was hilarious!! Sperm Whale!!! ^_^ I can't wait til your home! I miss you!! *HUGS* And as Shelley said, "Be Safe!!!" Much Love!!