No more pasta... Day 21

For the poor college student, pasta is a viable source of food. It's cheap, filling and somewhat healthy. Somewhat. Trouble is, I've eaten pasta for dinner almost every night that I've been here and I've had enough. I'm going to have to branch out. Anyways, today was a pretty mediocre day, I'm fighting off another cold of sorts, so I didn't do a whole lot. I did realize something about my Anatomy & Physiology class though. I absolutely hate it. Don't get me wrong, the material is fascinating, I just can't stand to listen to a monotone voice for two hours straight.

So this is me being a rock star. Notice the shirt.

Apparently the video I put up last night was broken, so maybe I'll put something up later.


Tami said...

As a fellow poor college student rice is also very delicious. When you cook it put some chicken base in it (i dont know if they have that down there, but they should) and it makes it delicious.

Amy said...

Lovin' The Shirt! ;) *Sings La Vie Bohem* (Sp?) You're so lucky!!! *Hugs*

Dana said...

You look very rock 'n' roll, Sam Sam.