A member of traffic...Day 15

Today I joined the league of bicyclists and thus, traffic. I purchased a bike off of Trade Me, which is the New Zealand equivalent to Ebay and Craig's List. On my way over to pick it up, I stopped by a bike shop and got a helmet. That sucker was pretty dear (read: expensive), so I'm definitely taking it back home with me. It is a pretty one though. The bike itself isn't in bad condition, it's at a great height for me (read: short), I think it was originally an eleven year old girl's bike, but I'm not phased. The hardest part to get used to is the fact that bicycles are treated like cars over here, so you have to ride with traffic, in the street. Usually there is a bike lane. Kinda scary initially, but after a few minutes it really isn't bad. The one thing I gave up on was riding through a round about. I just got off my bike and walked it at the crosswalk. It was kinda cool making a right turn though, since a right turn here is like a left turn in the states. I had to get in the middle lane and everything. I must say, the bike does have a good color to it.

Moving along, I found that I cannot be trusted to test out a sleeping bag.


mutha said...

How's your pole. Still a bit too greased???
Your Bike pole...is it still too slide-y? If you are gonna continue to go in the street and further freak me out, please fix that. Nice color. Nice helmet. RABBIT RABBIT! Ha-when we're on DIFFERENT CONTINENTS, replying to a blog is the only way to rabbit. Lurve.

Amanda Kay said...

hahaha i tested out my roommates bed. the way you tested the sleeping bag except... i woke up an hour later and realized i was supposed to be studying with my friend matt.... i like yer bike.
tis verrry cute!
i miss you tonnnns and yer hair cut is like the cutest EVERRRR!!!!

Cat said...

LMFAO!! HA HA HA HA!!! 3 hours?

Oh, and Rabbit, Rabbit, I agree with your mom.

Michelle said...

Haha! Good job Sam! I like the bike, I don't ride them anymore because I'm top heavy and could cause a lot of damage to myself. LOL!


Kent said...

I am not suprised that you cannot test out a sleeping bag without falling asleep. You are amazing. I love you!!

Dana said...

lol. Good job, Sam. At least you know it works. :D

It's a pretty bike.