Contrary to popular belief... Days 38-39

I am not walking around campus with a helmet on. I do however, still have my helmet and bike lock from the interesting bike venture. I'm bringing them home though, because I spent a lot more then I can get back on them. And I needed a new helmet. Anyways, I know I've been really lame on the posting lately, but it's exam time for me right now, all I've been doing is sitting in my room and studying. Or sitting outside and studying. Or going to the library and studying. The exams for communication disorders work a little differently here, I have 3 sets of super exams. Not at all exciting. I'm right in the middle of the first wave. The next one comes when I get back from fall break. My time here is flying by, which is a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because I miss everyone so much and I want to play with Woody & Ollie. It's a curse because I know I'm never going to have a chance to live like this again. But I'm still excited to come home. Since nothing exciting is happening right this second in my life, I'll post some new observations about Kiwis, New Zealand and myself:
  • All of the same fast food chains that we have at home, exist here, only better. Not only are the places slightly healthier, but they are catered to the South Pacific palate. In a moment of weakness, I went to a Burger King for a nice chicken sandwich. What I found was a nice Tropical Chicken sandwich. My sandwich included pineapple. Amazing.
  • Shockingly, you have all the different subgroups of people that you would find in a city in the USA, just yesterday I was walking downtown and felt nervous next to a group of loud goth kids.
  • The movie Whale Rider is amazing. If you want to get a glimpse of Maori culture, rent this movie.
  • I have absolutely no interest in going to places where they filmed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, however I do want to get down to the southern 45th parallel... because the other one (northern 45th parallel) runs through Michigan... And maybe Arthur's Pass to see where they filmed part of the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Bus travel is not looked down upon here, everyone uses it. It is a pleasant and more eco-conscious alternative to driving a car.
  • I'm getting way to used to the fact that people drive on the opposite side of the road here and I will get hit by a car when I get home.
That's about all I can think of right now. I just got a picture message, to my email account, from Ben at home... but the picture is of Kent. Now that is love.


Cat said...

You are going to come back in the form of a Kiwi.

mutha said...

You were nervous standing next to a bunch of goth kids? You sound like you're 48 years old!!!

Oops...sorry Jill.