My live minus internet... Days 34-37

So the last few days, my internet provider decided to hate me. Luckily nothing exciting happened, just going to classes and studying a lot. I had to break down and purchase one of my required textbooks, which set me back $115NZ. The other ones I can get a hold of in the library or though generous classmates. Today I had an exam in Audiology, which I'm hoping I did well on, but nothing that I studied was on the test, it was stuff that he barely talked about, so I'm not feeling good about it. In other news, I sold my bicycle to a classmate named Gia, since the faulty seat renders it useless to me. Don't worry, I told her that the seat slips, she didn't care. I got most of my money back on it, I gave it to her for $20 less than I bought it for, which is pretty good, since I could have just cut my losses. I should be back to normal posting tomorrow, I'm getting ready to go to bed now though. Happy Birthday Uncle Bill (3.22) and Trevor (3.23)!!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you guys.


Anonymous said...

Are you getting another bike? Do you just wear your helmet around campus?


mutha said...

You Do wear your helmet around campus, don't you? It is sleek and aerodynamic, and really brings out the color of your eyes.

Safety first. You never know when a piano or a safe is gonna fall out of a 2nd story window.