The moment you've all been waiting for... Day 19

Today wasn't really extraordinary at all, but here are a few videos from yesterday's adventure. Here's the UFO house... I know the voice sounds weird, but it is me, I promise:

Here is the extremely rude, yet slightly impressive torch juggler:

This is the Avon River, right in the heart of the city:

And last, but definitely not least... this is perhaps the best video I've ever taken... look at that mullet go!

Click To Play

So that's pretty much it, I had class today... then I made dinner. My life is complete.


mutha said...

Niiiiiiiice videos! Are the bagpipers just out of the frame on the river? I wish I was there. We coulda broke up the audience at MulletMan's expo with an umbrella in his spokes...

Kent said...

I do love the mullet man! Mullets are amazing...disgusting, but amazing. Luv ya!!

Dana said...

OMG. Lol I was watching this thinking of all the things I wanted to mention in a comment... AND THERE'S SO MUCH!

That Mullet Man was incredible. Lol- "I need to be straight."
"It's a little late for that."
And many street performers wet themselves if they fall, eh?
That's a ginormous unicycle! Geesh. How'd he get down?

You went under a bridge! How awesome! Was there a troll? It looked beautiful.

The spaceship house was niffty. :D