Hella poor... Day 33

Today I woke up and talked to my parents online and I called Aunt Jill. Without realizing it, I have called her every Monday morning, so she has come to expect my call. It's kinda funny, because I do it almost on reflex. Cool. Anyways, I went to Acoustics today, which was actually quite fun, we were examining the similarities in pronunciation of different words. The most memorable example were the words fall, fool and full. In New Zealand, they sound almost identical, so of course, the professor had me say them all for the class and they were shocked at how differently I said each word. But hey, they think my accent is cool. After class, I had a sandwich, then went to the gym for an hour. I ended up running about 4 km all together and shockingly, I didn't die. Although I went outside to run on the grass track and my lungs said no to the grass very quickly. I went back to the flat and took a shower, only to go back to class. On the way back to the flat the second time, I stopped at the library to see if any of my textbooks were available for use, since I'm too poor to purchase them. I did find one, so that's lucky. Being lame, I went back to my flat and cooked dinner. Now I'm here telling you about it. I don't know if you all have noticed, but my Monday's & Wednesday's are pretty boring.


Anonymous said...

I think I would have enjoyed the surfing competition also. You are really doing a lot of stuff, good for you, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.



Cat said...

look at the Kiwiw using km. :)

Cat said...

Sorry for writing Kiwiw, t'was but an accident.

The First Trip said...

To Cat: Hooray for Typos!

To Sam: Still seems fun though Mon/Wed are boring! Miss ya! Love ya! Be safe!