A tribe is wanted...Day 40

Today was another big school day, I had an anatomy and physiology exam, which actually wasn't that bad. I picked up all of my plane tickets for the next few months, mid semester break and flying home. There are quite a few tickets... Since I really don't have much to say today, other than finding a really cool book (Dr. Seuss's: The Cat in the Hat... in Maori... I might have to make an unscheduled purchase), I can disclose what my plans are for my mid semester break. It's called TribeWanted. If you've ever seen the movie The Beach, better yet, read the book, you'll have a vague idea of why I'm doing this. Although at the end no one goes crazy and no one dies. Describing this is going to be super confusing and stuff, so I'm going to try to save you most of the anguish. I'm pretty much going to live on a tropical island for a week and help continue to build an eco-community on said island. It's like a tribe but in the 21st Century. How cool is that? Anyways, if you are interested or want to read more because I'm horrible at describing things, go to the website above or to the tribal wikipedia site. I'm sure at least half of you think I'm crazy... It's okay though, I'm cool with that. Here's a picture of Vorovoro,the island I'm going to be on.Oh, and the BBC is doing a documentary about this... I'd be extremely excited if they are filming while I'm there.


Anonymous said...

That island looks so cool, I think I'm going to print that picture, it's beautiful. Sorry we couldn't talk yesterday, I find myself looking forward to our chats. I miss you a lot and am looking forward to you getting home.


Cat said...

Hey darling. Bad news. I talked to Andrea today for you and told her about applying for an RA position and how they made you fill out the paper work to live in te dorms next yera just in case. She said, to break the contract you have to call Res Life, 989-774-3111, and you are going to have to pay the contrct breaking fee. Sorry :(.

On a happier note, Figi looks amazing!!